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Sustainability - The 4Rs - Recycle

OllieRecycleRecycling means collecting, sorting and processing things that would have been thrown away.

You can recycle all sorts of stuff that you have at home, like:
  • Paper
  • Glass and plastic bottles and containers
  • Aluminium cans
  • Old clothes, sheets and towels
  • TVs, computers, washing machines.

In many towns and cities the things we recycle are picked up from our homes. This is called kerbside (curbside) collection. Different collection containers are used in different places. Some places use bins, tubs or crates and others use bags.

Some places don’t have kerbside collection, but there may be recycling bins in supermarket carparks where people can drop off their recyclables. These are called recycling points.

Which of these recycling containers are used in your neighbourhood?

Blue recycle bin

Black recycle crateGreen recycle bin

There are other containers that aren't used for recycling, but are used for other types of waste:

Plastic rubbish (trash) bin

Metal rubbish (trash) can

The stuff collected from recycling containers is processed in special factories. Items that are made of different type of materials can be broken down, to separate out those materials. This is called the recycling process.

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