Ghost Mine Episode 9

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Episode 9

The story so far

The Ace Detectives

The detectives have completed the clue on Jeremiah’s torn map. It says: ‘You must capture the sun before it departs.’

Stonehenge at sunsetThey know Jeremiah was interested in Neolithic culture and think his clue may relate to structures like Stonehenge which ‘capture’ the sun to track the summer and winter solstice.

Ben found the torn map in a Shaman’s rattle, hidden in an old box along with a letter and two other mysterious objects – a human skull and an Aboriginal bullroarer.

Deputy Sheriff Wayne BrooksThe bullroarer and the torn map piece were stolen in separate break-ins at Laura’s house. Wayne Brooks, the local Deputy Sheriff has discovered the Ace Detectives’ reputation for case-solving and promised his help should they need it.

Ernie JohnsonErnie Johnson from the Historical Society in Ballarat Australia has emailed Ben, reporting a possible link between Gerhard Morganheimer, a robbery suspect in 1865, and Bud and Elmore Morgan who own a petrol station in MacKenzie Wells.

Bud MorganBen hopes to read Jeremiah’s map using a software program so they can find the entrance to his mine on Lookout Mountain. Jeremiah may have been involved in stealing gold, artifacts and human remains in the 1800s and Laura desperately wants to clear his name.

Elmore Morgan

Earlier someone tried to trap the detectives in the cellar at Jeremiah’s old store, andJoe Whitecloud's shiny silver belt buckle on Lookout Mountain a rock slide ended their first search for the mine entrance.


Joe WhitecloudMegan thought she saw Joe Whitecloud above them on the mountain, with the sun glinting on the shiny belt buckle they’d seen him wearing at his diner.


Tillie Jackson

The detectives don’t know why Joe would want to harm them, but he is suspicious of their investigation. So are Bud and Elmore Morgan and Tillie Jackson who owns the bakery and gift shop. Tillie also seems afraid of Bud Morgan.

Megan is sure they can solve this case if they can get into Jeremiah’s mine under Lookout Mountain. Ben’s computer skills are their best hope right now.


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