Ghost Mine Episode 8

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Episode 8

The story so far

The Ace Detectives

Laura took the Ace detectives to Lookout Mountain to follow Jeremiah’s torn map and find the entrance to his mine. A rock slide ended their search and Megan and Brad had a lucky escape.

Jeremiah's torn map pieceRock slide


Joe WhitecloudMegs thought she saw Joe Whitecloud, the owner of Smokey Joe’s Diner, above them on the mountain, with the sun reflecting from the shiny belt buckle they’d seen him wearing.

Laura does not want to think that Joe would harm them and none of them can think of a reason why he might.

Finding the entrance to Jeremiah’s mine is important. It’s possible that in the 1800s Jeremiah was involved in stealing gold, artifacts and human remains, and perhaps also murder. Laura desperately wants the detectives to clear his name.

Ben found the torn map pushed into a Shaman’s rattle, hidden in an old box along with a letter and some mysterious objects.

Trapdoor shut at the top of the stairsThere may have been several warnings for them to drop this case. One of the mysterious objects, the Aboriginal bullroarer, was stolen from Laura’s house the night before the detectives arrived.

Megan was almost run down by a speeding car in Australia, and someone tried to trap them in the cellar of Jeremiah’s old store when they visited MacKenzie Wells Old Town.

Other local people besides Joe Whitecloud seem to be acting suspiciously. Tillie Jackson warned them not to interfere. She owns a bakery and gift shop and while visiting there, they were confronted by the unpleasant Bud Morgan, who runs the local petrol station with his gentler brother Elmore. Later they saw Bud arguing with Tillie, who seemed frightened of him.

Tillie JacksonBud MorganElmore Morgan

There seems to be more questions than clues and the detectives are not sure what to do next. Back at Aunt Jean’s it’s time for dinner and Megan hopes to question her Aunt about Tillie Jackson.


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