Ghost Mine Episode 7

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Episode 7

The story so far

The Ace Detectives

Someone trapped the detectives and Laura in the cellar of Jeremiah MacKenzie’s store in MacKenzie Wells Old Town. Ben’s quick thinking helped them escape. They still do not know how to decipher the clue on the Jeremiah’s torn map.

Jeremiah's torn mapThe torn map piece had been pushed into a Shaman’s rattle, hidden in an old box along with with a letter and some mysterious objects – a human skull and an Aboriginal bullroarer.

It’s possible that in the 1800s Jeremiah was involved in stealing gold, artifacts and human remains, and perhaps also murder. Laura desperately wants the detectives to clear his name.

One of the mysterious objects, the Aboriginal bullroarer, was stolen from Laura’s house the night before the detectives arrived from Australia. Megan was almost run down by a speeding car in Australia, and they think that whoever trapped them in the cellar was giving them another warning to leave this case alone.

They do not know who to trust.

Joe WhitecloudJoe Whitecloud the owner of Smokey Joe’s Diner did not want to give them information about the Shaman’s rattle.



Bud MorganElmore Morgan
Bud and Elmore Morgan from the petrol station have also been openly hostile.


After escaping from the cellar, the detectives and Laura stand in Jeremiah’s old store deciding what to do next. They know they must continue their search for the entrance to Jeremiah’s mine, which is somewhere on Lookout Mountain. They believe the torn map piece will lead them to it, if only they can decipher the clue.


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