Ghost Mine Episode 6

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Episode 6

The story so far

The Ace Detectives

The detectives are staying with Meg’s cousin Laura, at MacKenzie Wells in the Mojave Desert. In the 1800s Laura’s great-grandfather Jeremiah MacKenzie came to the California goldfields, opened a trading store and helped establish their town.

When buildings in the old town were being restored, Laura found an old box hidden by Jeremiah, with a letter and three mysterious objects inside. The letter begs for help to clear Jeremiah’s name of murder and theft.

One of the objects, an Aboriginal bullroarer, was stolen from Laura’s house the night before the detectives arrived from Australia. Ben found part of a torn map inside the Shaman’s rattle. Laura thinks it shows Lookout Mountain and Ghost Mine, where Jeremiah had a mining claim.

Jeremiah's torn mapA clue is written on the map, which might help them find the hidden entrance to Jermiah's mine. But half the words are missing and the detectives can't decipher the meaning.

At Smokey Joe’s Diner, Megs showed Joe Whitecloud a photo of the Shaman’s rattle. He was cagey and said it was very old. Megs didn’t know whether to trust him and didn’t tell him the rattle was at Laura’s house.

The detectives head for old town to see where Laura found the box in Jeremiah's store. Megan is almost run over by a car

Megs reminds them to be careful. She was almost run over by a car before they left Australia. Bud and Elmore Morgan at the MacKenzie Wells petrol station were hostile when they asked for directions to Aunt Jean’s house. The burglary at the house was probably not a coincidence either.

They agree to keep information to themselves and try to solve the map clue as fast as they can.


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