Ghost Mine Episode 4

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

The burglary

Laura pushes open the carved wooden front door and leads them inside her house. It's cool and quiet, with tiled floors, spiky-looking plants in pots, and rugs glowing with warm colours and patterns. Laura throws herself onto a comfy couch in the living room.

Front door of Laura's houseComfy couch in Laura's living room


"Something was taken last night, but mom doesn't want anyone to know!"

Ben - Ace Detective

"She said the burglars were disturbed. Were they?"

Megan - Ace Detective

"Let me guess. They weren't disturbed. They took something valuable to our investigation."



Linda - Ace Detective

"Not Jeremiah's old tin box? Now we'll never get to see it."


"No - the box is still in my room. But someone went through my things to find it."

Linda - Ace Detective

"Yuk, that's creepy!"


"Yes - and it doesn't make sense. They only took one thing out of it!"

What do you think was stolen?

Jeremiah MacKenzie's letter

The damaged skull

The Aboriginal bullroarer

The Shaman's rattle


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