Ghost Mine Episode 2

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Episode 2

The story so far

Ace Detectives receive letter and photos

The detectives have received a letter from Megan’s cousin Laura in California, with photos of a damaged skull, an Aboriginal bullroarer and an American Indian shaman’s rattle.

Ace Detectives meet with Mowaljarlai in parkThere was also a copy of an old letter that Laura found, written by her great-grandfather Jeremiah MacKenzie.

The detectives showed the photos of the skull and bullroarer to Aboriginal elder Mowaljarlai, who is their friend, Danny’s grandfather.

Mowaljarlai recognised the bullroarer as belonging to his people, who came from the Ballarat area in Victoria. He was upset because the skull suggested an old murder and the desecration of an Aboriginal grave.

Ace Detectives promise to help Mowaljarlai“The spirits will not be at peace until he is back in the ground. Our people ask if you will bring him home.”

The detectives promised to do what they could. Danny suggested they see his cousin Ernie Johnson who looks after the Historical Society museum in Ballarat. Ernie is the keeper of knowledge about his people’s history.

Danny emails Ernie, asking for his help. Earnie replies.

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