Ghost Mine Episode 11

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Episode 11

The story so far

The Ace Detectives

Close-up of computerised sun pathBen created an on-screen model of Lookout Mountain and calculated where the entrance to Jeremiah’s mine might be.

The detectives and Laura found the way in.

A Neolithic sun sign in Jeremiah’s sleeping cavern led them to the other half of his torn map and some rusty keys.

Jeremiah's second cavern marked on the second map pieceThe map showed a second cavern and gave another clue:

“Those who walk to the right hand of God will follow the narrow path,” and “Greed has started this and greed will end it.”

The detectives don’t know what these words mean.

Ben had found the first map piece in an old Shaman’s rattle, which was hidden by Jeremiah in his store along with an Aboriginal bullroarer, human skull and a letter begging for help to clear his name of robbery and murder.

Tillie Jackson stole the Aboriginal bullroarer and the first map piece from Laura’s house, but Ben had scanned the map into his notebook. Tillie said Bud Morgan forced her to steal, threatening to tell everyone she had committed a crime in San Francisco years ago and run away from the police. Megs hopes Tillie would turn herself in to Deputy Sheriff Wayne Brooks.

Tillie JacksonBud MorganDeputy Sheriff Wayne BrooksElmore MorganJoe Whitecloud

Bud Morgan’s ancestor Gerhard Morganheimer probably knew Jeremiah, and if Jeremiah left anything of value in his mine, Bud wants it. The detectives suspect that Bud’s brother, the gentle Elmore, is involved and possibly also Joe Whitecloud the owner of Smokey Joe’s Diner.

Down in the mine, the detectives and Laura are searching for another sun sign to take them out of Jeremiah’s sleeping cavern. They are determined to find the second cavern marked on Jeremiah’s map and see if he did hide treasure there.


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