Ghost Mine Episode 10

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Episode 10

The story so far

The Ace Detectives

Tillie Jackson admitted to Megan that she broke into Laura’s house - twice. She said Bud Morgan forced her to do it. He threatened to tell everyone that she committed a crime in San Francisco years ago, and ran away from the police.

Megs promised not to tell her Aunt Jean, to give Tillie time to think and decide if she would turn herself in to Deputy Sheriff Wayne Brooks. Megs thought the Deputy Sheriff would help and advised Tillie to talk to him.

Tillie JacksonBud MorganDeputy Sheriff Wayne Brooks

Jeremiah's torn map pieceIn the break-ins, Tillie stole an Aboriginal bullroarer and the torn piece of Jeremiah’s map.

Laura had found the Aboriginal bullroarer in an old box at her great-grandfather Jeremiah MacKenzie’s store, along with a Shaman’s rattle, human skull and a letter from Jeremiah begging for help to clear his name of robbery and murder charges.

The torn map piece was inside the Shaman’s rattle. Laura thought it showed Lookout Mountain and Ghost Mine.

The detectives completed a clue on the map. It related to Neolithic culture and structures like Stonehenge that “captured” the path of the sun between rocks or poles at specific times of the year.

Close-up of computerised sun pathBen created an on-screen model of the Lookout Mountain terrain and calculated the sun’s path to pinpoint a possible entrance to Jeremiah’s mine on the mountain side.

Now they are ready to climb Lookout Mountain to see what they can find.


The detectives think that Bud Morgan’s ancestor, Gerhard Morganheimer, knew Jeremiah and if Jeremiah has left anything of value inside his mine, Bud wants it.

They also suspect that Bud’s brother, the gentle Elmore, is involved and possibly also Joe Whitecloud the owner of Smokey Joe’s Diner. They do not know who to trust, apart from the Deputy Sheriff, who told Megs to call him for help if they need it.

Bud MorganElmore MorganJoe Whitecloud

Leaving Laura’s house just before sunrise they head off in the rental car for Lookout Mountain, taking Ben’s computer maps of the sun’s path with them. They are determined to find the entrance to Jeremiah’s mine this time.


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