Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Laura Mackenzie

Laura Mackenzie


“Hi – I’m Megan’s cousin Laura. 

I’m 17. I live in MacKenzie Wells - I’m a Mojave-desert-dweller. My dad, Gerry, works at the airforce base. Mum’s a journalist. Her name’s Jean. She’s pretty cool”.

Laura's CarDo you like my car? I worked two part time jobs to buy it. 

Megs will hate me when she sees it. Australian’s can’t take their driving test until they’re 18. I’ve had my licence a year now. Mom and dad gave me a loan, so I’ve got to keep working to pay them back.

I’d like to join the ACE Detectives, if Megs will let me. If she comes to America I’ll drive her wherever she wants to go!


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