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Jeramiah Mackenzie

Jeramiah Mackenzie

Jeremiah Ezekial MacKenzie
Born Glasgow - Scotland
Died - California USA


Jeremiah grew up in Scotland, in poverty. An only child, his mother died when he was 15. A year later his father arranged for him to join family friends on the goldfields in Victoria, Australia. He had to work his passage on a sailing ship to pay for the journey.

Life on the goldfields was hard and many younger children died. Jeremiah learned to survive underground. He dug tunnels, shored up the walls and roof with timber – and sifted through dirt looking for gold. He kept out of trouble – so the local storekeeper employed him to stock shelves and make deliveries.

Jeremiah never forgot his Scottish heritage. He found out all he could about the neolithic culture of the old Scottish Celts and Briton. And he listened to stories about America and the gold in California. When the troubles began with the English over mining rights – he decided to leave Australia.

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