Ghost Mine Episode 1

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Mystery at Ghost Mine - Episode 1

Laura MacKenzieMegan’s cousin Laura MacKenzie has written, asking for help to solve the mystery of her great grandfather’s death – and to clear his name.

Megan reads Laura's letter Laura's Letter Megan - Ace Detective Jeremiah was born in Scotland in 1836. At 16 he sailed to Australia to join the gold rush in Victoria. Life was tough – at first Jeremiah worked as a labourer in the mines and then he got a job in the local store. He learned about buying and selling goods – and about the miners themselves. A few years later, many miners moved on to California – to the American gold fields. Jeremiah went with them. This was the time of the Civil War.

Jeremiah MacKenzieIn California, Jeremiah again worked in the mines - then used his savings to start a newspaper and a general store. As more people arrived, Jeremiah helped them to start other businesses and build houses. A town grew on the edge of the Mojave desert. It was called MacKenzie Wells, in honour of Jeremiah MacKenzie.

Now the old part of the town is being renovated as a tourist attraction. Laura finds a battered tin box in the cellar of Jeremiah’s store. Inside is a letter – which describes treasure. There is also a human skull with a hole in it, an Indian Shaman’s rattle and what looks like an Australian Aboriginal bullroarer.

Is Jeremiah a thief, a murderer and a grave robber? 
Does his treasure still exist? 

Laura asks Megan, Linda, Brad and Ben to help her clear Jeremiah’s name.

The ACE Detectives agree to investigate.



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