Ghost Mine Episode 3

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Desert People

Desert person wearing loose clothingMany people live in deserts. They survive because they dress for desert conditions and their homes protect them from the heat, cold and storms.


Long, flowing robes protect the skin from the sun and let in air around the body. When people sweat, the loose-fitting clothes prevent the moisture evaporating, so the body does not dehydrate as quickly in the very dry air. Headgear shields the head from the sun. Veils protect the face and keep the sand out of the mouth. These clothes also keep the people warm at night and in winter.


Some people live in permanent homes such as the mud houses of some Native Americans. The nomads carry portable homes as they move their livestock from place to place. All desert homes need to be well insulated from extreme heat and cold. Tents may be made of densely woven goat's hair, or the walls of homes may be thick. Since rain is torrential, they also need to be water proof.

Desert nomads

Nomads are people who move around rather than live in one place. Three types of nomads live in deserts:

Hunter-gatherers move in small groups within an area they know well. They know where water is, where to find food plants and trees that are important to them, and where to hunt for food animals. They move daily, monthly or twice a year.

Pastoralists keep domestic animals, such as sheep, goats or camels. They move around to find food for these animals. They may also hunt or settle for a while and grow cereal crops – and they may trade what they produce for other goods.

Traders move around with pack animals like camels or mules. They supply goods produced in different parts of the desert to the people who live in towns.


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