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How Desert Animals, Birds and Reptiles Keep Cool

Giant Desert Tortoise

Desert animals have either developed ways to cool down, or they keep out of the heat.

  • Many small mammals live in shelters or burrows underground. They come out to search for food at night and store their food in their burrows.
  • Camels have long legs to keep the sand’s heat away from their bodies, and long hair for warmth.
  • The Golden Mole lives just below the surface in sand deserts. It hardly comes out.
  • Fennec Fox has huge ears that lose heat for its body – and furry soles on its feet to help with walking on hot sand
  • Kangaroos lick their forearms to cool themselves down
  • Gerbils stay underground during the day and come out at night
  • Desert tortoises spend over 90 per cent of their time underground in burrows to avoid extreme heat and cold and conserve moisture and food
  • Karlahari ground squirrels have a bushy tail and use it as a sunshade
  • Turkey Vultures urinate on their legs or fly up into cooler air if they get too hot
  • The Sand-diving Lizard holds its feet up in the air to cool down, when the sand is too hot
  • Large mammals find shelter in the shade of a rock or tree. Some of them lose heat through their skin by evaporation
  • Some mammals, like hares, have large ears with lots of blood vessels, which remove heat.
  • The dog and cat families don’t have sweat glands, so they pant to cool down
  • Scorpions can't stand bright light, but can survive freezing cold.

Desert birds have adapted to heat and cold:

  • They can’t sweat, so they pant or flutter to cool down.
  • They use muscles to hold their feathers upright when there is a breeze. This cools their skin and traps a layer of air that insulates them from heat and cold.
  • They find shelter underground in the shade of rocks or bushes.
  • They fly at high altitudes to avoid the heat.

Reptiles can control their body temperature by gaining or losing heat from their surroundings – lying in the sun or moving into cooler, shady places.


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