Ghost Mine Episode 3

Mystery at Ghost Mine an Ace Detectives Mystery Adventure

Desert Animals, Birds and Reptiles

Camels - Desert Animals

Many animals live in deserts including:

  • Camels
  • Snakes and lizards
  • Coyotes and foxes
  • Peccaries and skunks
  • Tarantulas and scorpions
  • Lions and Ring tailed cats
  • Antelope, gazelles and mule deer
  • Boars and elephants

Some animals have special eyelids that they can see through to keep the sand out during a sand storm.

Desert birds include:

  • Woodpeckers
  • Hawks and falcons
  • Owls and roadrunners
  • Buzzards and eagles

Reptiles have scaly skin to conserve moisture. They can control their body temperature by lying in the sun or moving into colder places. Amphibians like frogs and toads have soft, moist skin that absorbs oxygen from air and water. Some of them live in arid deserts but have to lay their eggs and hatch them before temporary lakes and pools dry up.

All desert dwellers have adapted to conserve water, food and energy.


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